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Welcome to Great Lakes Jetski Rentals

The Ultimate Water Sports Rental Service

What We Offer

  • 3 hr


  • 6 hr

    374.99 US dollars

JetSki Rentals Rules &

Rules & Requirments

  • Must be 18 or older to rent

  • No Smoking/Drinking of any kind
  • Must stay at least 30 feet from one another on jet ski at all times!
  • Must stay 100 feet from shore!
  • No splashing on the jet skis
  • If you are riding with a passenger weight must not exceed 400 lbs!
  • All Reservations require $200 security deposit per jetski
  • Boating license is required for some lakes!

Frequently asked Questions

Are you guys stationed on the water? No

Is Hourly Rentals Available?

No Only half and full days.

Where do we rent the jetskis? Any lake/body of water of your choosing.

How do i book? Over the phone

How many people can ride each jetski? 2 with a weight limit of 400 Lbs

Where to find us

You dont :)

We are NOT stationed on a body of water. We only offer rentals for half and full days.With these rentals we delivery and meet at a boat launch of your choice.

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